2023国际遗传性肿瘤防控高峰论坛 /2023 International Conference on Prevention and Control of Hereditary Cancers

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The 2020 new global cancer data released by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) showed that there were 19.29 million new cases and 9.96 million cancer deaths worldwide in 2020, including 4.57 million new cases (23.7%) and 3.00 million cancer deaths (30%) in China, ranking first in the world.

   根据世界卫生组织国际癌症研究中心(IARC)最新发布的 2020 年全球最新癌症负担数据,2020 年全球癌症新发病例和死亡病例分别为 1929 万例、996 万例,其中中国新发癌症病例和死亡病例分别为 457 万例、300 万例,分别占比 23.7%、30%,均位居全球第一。

As aged tendency of the Chinese population and urbanization have been accelerated, thus the new cancer cases every year have become a great challenge to the field of health development in China. The huge number of cancer patients in China has become a barrier to achieve the magnificent goal of "Healthy China".


Tumor prevention and control are the important measures to improve national health. "The Healthy China 2030 Plan" indicates that the average life expectancy in China will reach 79 years by 2030, while the 2019 "State Council's Opinions on Implementing Healthy China Initiative" has further proposed that the five-year survival rate of cancer patients should be increased by 15%, and the overall five-year survival rate of cancer patients should not be less than 46.6% by 2030.


Malignant tumor is usually developed by genetic variation.Sporadic tumor is polygenetic disease with complex pathogenesis, which bring great challenge to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the tumor. In contrast, hereditary tumor is transmittable in family, caused by germline mutation in cancer genes, and thus traceable in the patient's family.


Therefore, hereditary tumor is a kind of preventable and controllable disease, and passage of mutated genes to offspring can be effectively blocked by analysis of risk of hereditary tumor, prenatal diagnosis (PD), and preimplantation genetic test (PGT). In addition, cancer genetic counseling can help the public to get correct cancer risk assessment and prevention guidance, therefore facilitating effective genetic screening and testing, also providing professional and standardized management services to carriers for tumorigenesis, in order to reduce the development of malignant tumors.


In order to promote international academic exchanges, and prevention and control of hereditary tumors in China, the 2022 ICPCHC held by Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation of Guangdong Province, in combination with ZaoDx.com and other units, sincerely invites authoritative experts, scholars and industry elites at home and abroad, to discuss the prevention and control of hereditary tumors.


2023 International Conference on Prevention and Control of Hereditary Cancers

(2023 ICPCHC)

1. Date: March 26th , 2023

2. Location: Four Points by Sheraton Guangzhou,Dongpu( Hall A)(No.1,Jingying Road,Huicai Road,Dongpu Tianhe District, Guangzhou

3. Organizers: Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation of Guangdong Province, ZaoDx.com, GeneNewsWire

4. Conference Attendant scale: 200+ on-site attendances & multi-platform live video



2.地点:广州东圃福朋喜来登酒店福朋宴会厅 A厅




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